Sabatier Maison Oak Butchers Block
Sabatier Maison Oak Butchers Block
Sabatier Maison Oak Butchers Block

Sabatier Maison Oak Butchers Block

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Short Description

Sabatier Maison Oak Butchers Block by Creative Tops

Complete your kitchen with the ultimate high-performing, beautifully designed wooden chopping block, from the Sabatier Collection.

Formed from oak pieces, arranged to showcase the stunning natural grain, each block is entirely unique and makes a great feature piece.

Prepare, even serve food on this stunning block

Etched with the prestigious Sabatier Griffin logo, for complete quality assurance.



Product Description

No high-performance kitchen would be complete without a substantial butcher’s block chopping board. Measuring 3cm / 1” thick, and boasting a unique brick construction designed to highlight the natural qualities of the wood, this premium chopping block is an essential addition to the kitchen that values both usefulness, and design.

Part of the Sabatier Noir collection, this rectangular butcher’s block is the result of traditional French craftsmanship and passion, and has been emblazoned with the prestigious Sabatier griffin logo to show it.

Measures: 40 x 24 x 3cm (16 x 9.5 x 1 inches)

About Sabatier

A heritage brand, Sabatier was established in 1810 and has over 200 years of experience designing excellent quality products that are comfortable to use and that consistently deliver exceptional performance. These expertly designed Sabatier products proudly wear the prestigious Griffin logo.

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